Community Educators Project

The Community Educators Project connects leading scholars with a desire to develop responsive and accessible presentations and intervention strategies to communities. Through the use of public lectures, videos and the written word an exchange is created between researchers and communities with a goal of expanding the knowledge base of communities, allowing them to increase their informed voice in those issues which are of most concern to them. 

Adaptable Cultivation

Adaptable Cultivation develops and implements agricultural techniques ranging from Aquaponics to Rooftop Gardening developed in environments ranging from Schools to Homes, and in settings including Urban, Rural and beyond.  Models have been developed to address needs related to Education Curriculum, Public Health Intervention, Job Readiness, Micro Businesses as well as home consumption. 

Ethno Matters

Ethnomatters is a research and consulting firm organized around a cooperative model.  The group is comprised of highly skilled and experienced individual researchers and consultants working collectively to offer support, high quality services to their clients, as well as support and oversight to fellow members.


The Institute for Intensive Participatory Advising utilizes a unique and proven model for supporting Truly Emergent community based organizations and emergent leaders.  This model utilizes rigorous research and evaluation to create a feedback loop to offer the best possible support to help groups and individuals to attain their goals.